1、Geotechnical engineering investigation

Various geotechnical investigation, analysis and appraisals.


2、Hydrogeological investigation

Hydrogeological investigation and sinking operation, water resources evaluation for construction project (shallow groundwater, deep confined water, geothermal water, spring water), as well as water resource and environment assessment.


3、Engineering survey

Control survey, topographic survey, survey for municipal engineering, hydraulic engineering, construction engineering, precision engineering, route engineering, underground pipeline detection, deformation (sedimentation) monitoring, finish construction survey, and geographic information system (GIS) engineering.


4、Design and construction of Geotechnical engineering project as well general contracting of foundation engineering project

Various soil improvement engineering, design and construction of deep foundation pits and its dewatering, pile foundation construction and super-large cast-in-place bored pile foundation construction.


5、Project for prevention and control of geological hazards

Investigation, design and construction of the projects for prevention and control of geological hazards; geological hazard assessment.


6、General contracting of mine engineering construction (sinking and driving engineering)

Design and construction of various engineering shafts.


7、General contracting of municipal engineering

Construction of various public utility projects.


8、Engineering testing and detection

Field soil testing, pile foundation testing, indoor environment testing, underground pipeline detection, karst investigation, testing of tunnel lining quality and subgrade status, archaeological investigation, and subgrade hazard investigation.


9、Building material testing

Concrete compression test, aggregates test, steel bar test, cement test, and asphalt test.


10、Ready-mixed concrete,Concrete admixtures

Production of concrete with various strength grades and special types of concrete. Research and Development, Production, and Sale of concrete admixtures.


11、Contracting of earthwork

Construction of various earthworks.


12、Design of industrial and civil buildings

Design of architectural decoration projects, design of building curtain wall, design of light steel structures, design of building intelligent system, and general contracting of building construction.


13、Engineering Supervision

Industrial and civil building supervision, road and bridge engineering supervision, municipal engineering supervision, and supervision of geological hazard treatment.


14、Design and manufacture of drilling machinery

Manufacture and processing of drilling equipment as well as auxiliaries for drilling machinery. 


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